GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL

Published 28 februari 2015

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) are happy to announce a North American partnership with GoPro. Step on the ice with a few of the NHL’s best

Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp

Published 27 januari 2015

Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today – 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage

Ik App Je Lief – Salamander Klöpping

Published 5 januari 2015

Alexander & Salamander Klöpping in “Zondag met Lubach”. VPRO televisie, zondag 4 januari

#SecretSantander Part 2 – Push The Jenson Button (2014)

Published 27 december 2014

Part two of Santander’s Secret Santa sees Jenson Button hidden inside of our special ATM. See what happens when our unsuspecting customers push the “Jenson” button. The customers who pushed the button received

The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Published 24 december 2014

Who on Earth is exposed to the most ionizing radiation? Check out Audible: I’m filming a documentary for TV about how Uranium and radioactivity have shaped the modern world. It will be broadcast